Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the News: Rebel Edition

Davenport Iowa- In a show of defiance not seen since Rocky Balboa decided not to take a dive from clubber Lang (I assume I never saw the movie) a man in Iowa catered an Obama event wearing a pro Romney T-shirt.  “The balls on him” said a passer by (I assume) when questioned about the shirt choice, Ross Murty said something like.  “Yeah I really didn’t like that he said those things about stuff. It really made me question why I do this you know”? reached out to the Obama administration for a comment about this story.  We will keep you updated if any response is made.

For the full story click the source link below.

UPDATE:  I had a really good taco for lunch

UPDATE2:  did you see the pants suit Hillary Clinton wore today?  Talk about last years fashion.

Update3:  still no relevant updates.

(source Washington Post)


  1. It would have been hilarious if he were serving Chick-fil-a.