Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thank God I'm White... (does that sound racist?)

So on Tuesday I went down to my local voting place and voted my vote. I think that's the proper terminology. If its not it should be.

It was just a local primary, but there were 2 millage’s (or is it millagi) on the ballot. I walked up to the counter, filled out my form and the woman behind the table asked me for my I.D. And off I went. On my way out I saw 3 black people looking really sad and I wanted to know what was wrong. I walked up to them and ask (Ebonics translated for the pigmentally challenged) “hello friends, what seems to be the problem”? They had a look of desolation in their eyes and replied with “ we can't vote, we don't have identification, since were minorities they won't give it to us”.

This made me angry. Why are people being cast away like this? I'm pretty sure we fought a war against Great Britain for two reasons. The first one was to end roundabouts on our roadways, and the other was so everyone, regardless of race or religion could get a vote in how our government operates.

The fact that these 3 African Americans were turned away from the polls due to lack of identification meant that disenfranchisement was happening. If one person is turned away due to lack of identification you may as well turn away a hundred, or a thousand.  So three people being turned away is the equivalent of 300,000 people.

Can we really expect someone to have the time, or money to go and get a state issued ID card? They would have to take an hour out of their day and go to the secretary of state, or DMV. By they way, yes an entire hour. One full hour. We only get 24 of them in a day. Also what about the expense? I mean I got my drivers license for free because I'm white, but I'm told a valid state ID card can cost upwards of $13,000. I would assume that represents almost 137% of the average minorities annual income. Well that is if the DNC is to be believed.

Normally I would suggest that maybe we should lower those fee's, however if they did they would probably expect me to pay something. As a rich white person I'm perfectly fine not paying my fair share. That's for stupids.

I just don't understand it. Why can only people like my self, you know rich white handsome men, who happen to have no problem what so ever with women are able to get ID cards for free; yet minorities have to pay so so so much for them? Its truly a conundrum. Possibly even another big word or two that I don't understand how to use all that well.

In all seriousness, now that I've probably got one or two of you thinking I'm some kind of crazy racist, I'm here to tell you the jokes on you. I'm not crazy at all.

Honestly I had several minorities at my polling location and they had not problem what so ever. The true racism is in the DNC's thinking that it's difficult for a minority to get a valid ID card. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, every state that has the ID law also has a way for low income people to get free cards.

Here is a list of other things you must have an ID for in order to do something.
  • Board a plane
  • buy alcohol
  • buy cigarettes
  • buy “adult” material
  • cash a check
  • use a credit card (not a must, but a good rule of thumb)
  • pick up tickets to a sporting event at will call
  • exist (in the state of Michigan its illegal to not have ID)
I could go on but you get the point. I've done all of these things (except the adult material, mom) and I've never had a problem. Every 4 years I take an hour out of my day and go to the secretary of state. Maybe Debbie Wasserman Shultz should take an hour out of her day to realize that African Americans and Mexicans are not helpless.

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