Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lactose's Intolerant Opinion: 9/22/2012

The PETA protest at NBC was disappointing last week.  Not a single nude celebrity.

Apparently they were protesting because a monkey was starring as a doctor in a new TV series.  I think it was a retooling of Doogie Howser.  PETA seems to think paying the monkey $12,000/episode is abusive.  They should really be protesting SAG for rejecting the monkey's union application I guess.

And to not be hypocritical, they should be protesting the White House for the way they abuse their house monkey, Joe Biden.

That's right.  I've figured it out.  Joe is not really a stupid human.  He's just an ape of above average intelligence.  I don't mean modified intelligence like' Ceasar in Planet of the Apes' smart.  I mean 'organ grinder monkey doing a goofy jig to distract you while his mates lift your wallet, keys, lunch and small children' smart. 

Come to think of it, that does seem to be his role in the administration. At least he has street skills he can put to use after losing in November, unlike others in the adminstration.

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  1. That show actually looks hilarious.

    But I don't watch TV.