Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is It Really Bush's Fault?

Am I missing something here?

You know, it really is high time we re-visit this idea that everything is George Bush's fault. I mean, sure, I wasn't a big fan of his towards the end, but that's because he started doing stupid crap that liberals liked, such as bailouts and whatnot. When it came to the bulk of his presidency, I thought he did alright. At least when it came to safeguarding America from Muslim extremists, he did alright by me, unlike Obama who is like "what embassies? We have embassies in Libya? I thought Libya was a made up country."

Ok, so Obama and such can't really blame Bush for that terrorism stuff. Osama bin Laden was plotting his craziness when Clinton was in office, perpetrated it while Bush was president, and then the terrorists started getting wily again towards the end of Hopenchange. But I don't blame Obama for that, or Clinton, or Bush, or any American. Islamofacists do what they do because they are angry and stupid. America doesn't cause it, we just have to deal with it. So, for terrorism, I place no blame on any president.

But the economy. That is a different story. Let's see...the Democrats took over Congress in 2006. The economy collapsed in 2007. So it would be easy to blame the Democrats instead of Bush, since they represented a whole branch of government. But that isn't really fair. The Democrats, especially Obama, like to blame Bush, because he represented one branch of government too. Again, unfair.

What caused the housing crash? Nobody asks that anymore, because in 2008, everyone decided it was Bush and left it at that. But, to be fair, it wasn't Bush, or Clinton, or Bush Sr., or Reagan. It was Jimmy Carter.

Yes, decades after his debacle of a presidency, he still managed to completely screw these United States. It takes a real schmuck to do that. They are kind of rare, but as chance would have it, we currently have another Carter in office now. Such doth not bode well for this country.

Oh, I know, you're asking: "how could Carter have caused the economy to collapse decades later?". Elementary. my dear Watsons. The economy collapsed because the "housing bubble" burst. What that means is, the housing market, and specifically the mortgage market, reached a critical point where too many loans were not being paid, and the whole thing fell apart. How did this happen? Again...Carter.

Jimmy Carter's grand idea was to make house-ownership available to everyone, regardless of their financial means. Before Carter, banks only gave mortgages to people they deemed could afford them. After Carter, however, this type of discrimination became illegal (discrimination in this context = wisdom). So banks had to give loans to a lot of people that simply couldn't afford them, just so they could buy a house and make the democrats feel good about themselves, or something.

It took a while, but eventually the amount of homeowners who couldn't afford their payments overtook those who could, and the market collapsed. It just so happened to happen towards the end of the Bush era. So, literally, Bush had nothing to do with it. Clinton didn't either, really. Nor did Bush Sr., or Reagan. It all goes back to Carter, who pushed that nonsense through in the first place, taking away the right of a Bank to choose who it lends money to.

So now here we are, post-mortgage crisis, and what do we do? Vote in Carter II. Except this one has his sights set on the health insurance market. Twenty years from now or so...can anyone guess what might happen?

Seriously, stop voting in these dangerous people. Hilliary would have been safer.

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  1. You're getting astuter. (I'm reading/commenting from top to bottom.) I hadn't linked the "hosing (sp?) bubble" to Carter. I've been crediting Bwarnie Fwanks.

    "Hilliary would have been safer." When elRushbo began his campaign to get Repubs to vote for BO instead of Hillary, I wasn't sure that was a good idea. I know he saw Hillie as a tougher candidate. So, today I blame the King of EIB for BO being in office.