Saturday, September 22, 2012

Keln's Even Deeper Thoughts: Quartieri

• I need to write on my blog more. I know people are coming here, expecting the brilliance that is my writing, only to end up reading something from Walkingdead about how he likes to drink on his porch or something.

• To help alleviate that, I have added more writers to the blog, and I have a couple more prospects waiting in the wings. And of course, if you want to write here, my e-mail is over there to the left, and there is always an open invitation.

• Seriously, I have a goal of, like, 100 writers or something. My own personal army of pithiness.

• I did not plagiarize Walkingdead with "Keln's even deeper thoughts", because:

  * They are based on IMAO's "random thoughts" anyway.
  * The term "deep thoughts" really goes back to the great National Lampoon philosopher, Jack Handey.
  * My thoughts are deep. Walkingdead's usually just involves beer. And porches.
  * The title has the name "Keln" in it, not "Walkingdead". So, duh...

• I think I know why the latest polls are so biased towards Obama, and it is not because there is some grand conspiracy to make it look like Romney can't win. It is because most people that are upset at Obama, and are just pretty much fed-up with the government in general might plan to vote Romney, but aren't really willing to talk to some pollster on the phone. This can be evidenced by the fact that I keep hanging up on pollsters.

  Seriously...leave me alone.

• If anyone doubts that Obama is toast this election, just think real hard about what he's done in the first four years. I honestly can't imagine a lot of people wanting to give him another four. In fact, I don't know a single sane person that is pro-Obama. Plenty who don't like Romney that much, but none who seem willing to pull a lever for Obama.

  And I live in an area that keeps voting for democrat senators. Just sayin...

• After reading "The Obama You Don't Know" from the Washington Examiner, things make a little more sense. See, what didn't make sense before was that the left, and particularly the Democrat party, famous for its racist ways, would actually go out of its way to champion a real self-made black man for president. (For an example of a real, self-made black man, look up Herman Cain).

  What the Examiner exposes is that Obama isn't really "self-made". Because "self-made" people of any ethnicity share a unique love for the American dream and capitalism...because it is these things that allows people to rise up out of low means and become what they aspire to be. Obama didn't make that journey, because he never had to. He was fed socialism with his mother's milk, and raised in relative comfort.

  In reality, the first black president never grew up in a black neighborhood. He never had to worry about actual racism or inequality, or overcoming his place in life through hard work. Everything was simply handed to him, as is his complaint against the upper class. Except it is actually a minority of the upper class in America that are born into it. Because America doesn't really have a class-based system. We have a merit-based system, where hard work pays off and your last name doesn't mean a whole lot.

  So what this comes down to is, Obama is a lock, stock, and smoking barrel progressive socialist who happens to have black skin. But to label him an actual "African American" is a farce. He didn't grow up that way, he wasn't raised in that culture, and he doesn't understand the plight of the poor, much less poor minorities.

  Do I hold it against him that he wasn't raised poor? Heavens no. I don't care if he was fed dog meat with a silver spoon as a youngun'. But claiming he was born in relative poverty and had to deal with racism are flat out lies. Lies he should be held accountable for.

• See? Deep thoughts. I didn't mention my drinking habits even once. But if you must know, I like the occasional martini, 2 parts vodka to 1 part very dry vermouth and an olive with a touch of olive brine, stirred with ice then strained (don't water down my drink bro!). Not shaken, because that is silly.

  And when I am feeling low-class, I drink a Guinness and punch a hippie.

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