Thursday, September 13, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: September 13, 20-12

  • One of my biggest goals in life is to one day have goals.

         The best part about that is if I get one, I already achieved it.

         Now to figure out my reward.
  • The rioting over in the middle east is getting pretty crazy right now.

         I just don't get it. I choose not to really talk about this issue in detail for fear of saying something insensitive, and/or racist.

         For the record, I am insensitive, but I'm not racist.
  • The price of the Wii U was announced today. If all my readers chip in $300 I can get one.

         Please mom, chip in.
  • A new monkey species was discovered.

         This takes the cute monkey quotient up to, all of them +1
  • Good night

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