Monday, October 15, 2012

$5 Says They Get 50 People

So THIS is being planned for next month.  Nothing like creating a straw man argument and just running wild with it until it culminates in stupid.

This is just pure stupid.  Does anyone really think that Big Bird is going anywhere?  This one show generates about a billion dollars every year.  Think about that for a minute.  It generates about a BILLION dollars.  It's not going anywhere.

Oh and before you (liberals) say anything stupid about the quality of educational programming for children on PBS you're right.  It has a lot of it.  Kids love "This old house, Downton Abby, Antiques Road Show, and America's Test Kitchen".  the wealth of education kids get from those programs is amazing.

Although I should point out, that as much as Mitt wants to "kill Big Bird",  the democrats want to put a windfall profits tax on the excess wealth of education the smarter kids get from PBS.

so who's the jerk now!

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  1. I like Sesame Street, but this is ridiculous. It is just the sort of thing that caters to those "feelings" you've mentioned rather than facts. Uninformed people will see all those furry muppets with "I <3 Obama" signs and who knows what will happen.