Monday, October 15, 2012

Are the Chinese Really Cheaters?

If that Commie red and yeller don't make you sick when you look at aren't American enough.

So, Romney is running around calling China a bunch of cheaters. I dunno why, maybe he lost a game of poker to a Chinese person once or something. sounds like a lot of whining to me. Has Romney ever considered that maybe China is just better at capitalism than he is? Maybe they are the real capitalist country in the world? I mean...think about it.

In China, the government can pretty much assign workers to companies. So companies don't have to worry about benefits and good pay and all of that nonsense. Healthcare, housing, and food are all provided by the state, so workers don't even need much of a paycheck. All a paycheck does is let them buy, like, nicer chopsticks or something. Which is pretty cool since everything else is taken care of.

So what this means is, Chinese companies can operate at much much lower overhead costs than do American businesses, kind of like businesses did in the South before Republicans ruined that whole thing. Now that American businesses have to compete for workers by paying them well and providing benefits like health insurance, worker disability, and retirement plans, they have to raise their prices to make a profit. In China, since that is all covered already by the state, the businesses only have to worry about paying some minimum wage set by the government, keeping prices low.

And businesses in China don't even have to worry about firing lousy workers. The government takes care of that too. If those lazy people don't show up to work, then they go to jail, or maybe even disappear for good if they are really lazy. And in China, there are just enough workers for just enough jobs to keep the economy flowing. If there aren't enough jobs, then they just put you into the Chinese Revolutionary Army. So it's 0% unemployment there. Everyone wins!

And, they keep population down with free birth control for everyone. Every doctor in China knows that if some woman gets preggers when she already has a kid, that they can just give the woman a free abortion. No charge! And all of those women gleefully agree to it, or else because they are great comrades and patriots.

So how is this cheating, Mr. Romney? It sounds like good business sense to me. Instead of fooling around with providing workers equal value for equal work, just leave that stuff up to the government. That way you can maximize profit and keep prices ridiculously low. Just because they don't do that in America, doesn't mean it's cheating. Chinese slaves workers are more than happy with their sad lot in life lucky happy life.


  1. All I'm sayin is in 'merica when someone commits suicide its because their life sucks, not their job. Take that Foxcon!

  2. Well said. All I can say is it's a good thing walkingdead doesn't live in China.