Monday, October 15, 2012

I Wish I Could Go to the Townhall Debate

So I hear the debate tomorrow will be the townhall format.  I wish I could be there.  I have all sorts of questions I’d like Obama to answer.  If anyone reading this is going to be present at the debate, could you do me a favor?  Ask one of these questions please.
·         Were you ever able to get Kim Jong Il’s recipe for twice jacked terrier, Jack Russell sauced with Jack Daniels?
·         Why were all the clowns at Sasha’s birthday party in white face?  Are you still racist?
·         Why have you instructed the White House staff to never speak your name backwards like this: “Amabo niessuh karr….?”
·         Why are you reluctant to release the results of the DNA testing from the hair and fingernail samples from your collection of homemade voodoo dolls?
·         Is it true that you were too terrified to ever meet with your ghost writer without your witch doctor being present?
·         Why did your response to your alien abductor’s request to be taken to your leader result in a downgrade of the potential intelligence of earthlings from AAA to A-?
·         Why did the original White House version of the Affordable Care Act replace the ‘death panel’ with the ‘committee committed to ending whitey?’
·         Is it true that your new slavery reparation plan involves including standard with all government housing a free house honky named Toby?
·         Do you have a better understanding of the Constitution now that it is finally available in both Arabic and Kenyan?
·         Would you promise to update the FDA website because I was reviewing the government nutrition guidelines and I couldn’t find the nutrition information for either collie or poodle meat?
·         Why does the fine print on your birth certificate indicate you were not born but metamorphosed?
·         Do you currently have the munchies?
·         In case Romney wins in November, just how fast can you pick a bale of cotton, do you think your half white heritage will make you more or less valuable on the inevitable auction block and how high do you think Biden will bid on you?

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