Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nuke the Punchline: Hugo Chavez

Harvey over at IMAO has another straight line of the day up, and so it is time to pick the winners of the last one:

After Hugo Chavez was reelected president of Venezuela...

#5 FormerHostage: ...Obama started wearing a red beret at all campaign stops.

#4 hadsil: ...Obama called him to ask if there was an opening for Vice President he could take.

#3 blarg: ....Obama called Chavez to ask him how much he had to pay to win and if the people that got him elected were available for another gig

#2 CarolyntheMommy: ...he bragged that he won without nearly as many dead voters as Obama will have.

And the best punchline goes to NO_MO_BAMA:

After Hugo Chavez was reelected president of Venezuela, all his dedicated voters were loaded in hearses and went back home to Chicago to wait for their next assignment in November. 

Congratulations NO_MO_BAMA!

Now here's a line for you guys to tend to:

Books on the Obama's bookshelf...


  1. "1984" with crib notes

    "Animal Farm" with saliva stains where the Dog Police arrive

  2. ...are the rest of Obama's autobiographies, ghostwritten by Bill Ayres.

    ...include coloring books, in case Biden visits.

    ...aren't all books on cooking dogs, but let's just say that's one room Bo instinctively avoids.

  3. ... there's a well-read copy of Chairman Mao's red book next to a copy of some book whose title he can't quite read, but under the dust it seems to say, "U.S. Constitution."