Thursday, October 11, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: October 11, 20-12

  • Is there a way I could work at NASA and the CIA at the same time? What degree would I need? I need it right now.

         I don't want to be an astronaut or a field agent, I want to work in research in both areas.

          I just need to know if aliens exist, and how best to kill them quick.
  • Am I the only one pumped for the debate tonight? I gotta learn to be excited for things that really matter, like good subway coupons in the male, not VP debates.

  • I have a new theory that Mitt Romney's grey wisps are actually barcodes he and other rich people use so they can identify themselves at the bank when they roll around in piles of their own money.

         I can't wait to get my wisps

         or a pile of money

         I'll just settle for the money.
  • So its do or die for my Tigers.

         They better do

         They better do
  • yesterday I bought a jar of pickles

         In related news I had the hardest time not eating an entire jar of pickles
  • Good Night

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  1. I think you should change the title of this post to Walkingdead's random thoughts...