Friday, November 16, 2012

Tactical Nuke, Friday, November 16, 2012

• I just realized that the only reason I know what day it is anymore is because making these morning posts requires me to look at a calendar.

• I have a rantabulous rant coming up at noon today. I wrote it last night after speed-reading Atlas Shrugged again.

• Ok, that's a lie. I read an article in the latest Sports Illustrated whilst on the porcelain throne. Had nothing to do with politics. Just sports. Was delightful in a pannem et circenses kind of way.

• I've been using that term a lot of late...probably because I like bread. And circuses. Well, animal crackers at least.

• A bunch of WalMart workers are planning to go on strike because they feel that WalMart isn't addressing their concerns about being paid better and being more accommodated. people work at WalMart. What do you expect? If you want a job with better benefits, learn a skill of some kind. Is this really such a difficult concept? Just because you exist does not mean you are entitled to awesome benefits. Think about what you do for a living at WalMart and compare that to people who have real skills, education, expertise, and trade experience. You flippin' stock shelves and operate a cash register for criminy sakes.

  Teenagers in high school do that. Who do you think you are?

• Say goodbye to Twinkies, 'cause Hostess, the company that makes them and a lot of other stuff just shrugged. Their union workers decided to go on strike. Hostess said be back to work by Thursday, or else. They didn't go back to work. So Hostess filed for bankruptcy and is closing down the business for good.

  Adios, 18,000 jobs.

  Hostess wasn't playing games anymore with these union people. I'd expect this will just be the first of many in the days to come.

• Yeah, Israel is attacking Palestine again. Big whoop. Wake me when they nuke Iran.

  Because we all know what will happen here. Israel will blow up a bunch of Hamas, and accidentally hit a few the "civilians" they are hiding behind. Touchy-feely world leaders in the west and Arab leaders with ulterior motives will come together singing "kumbaya" while Madonna threatens again to take her clothes off until Israel finally agrees to "peace"...until Hamas breaks it again a few years from now and we do this all again.

  So, until nukes start flying, why even pay attention to it?

• Carry on smartly...

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  1. How did we end up in this mess? Or more importantly, since voting for a better leader didn't work, what in the world are we supposed to do about it?