Friday, November 2, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Friday, November 2, 2012

• Woohoo, it's Friday.

• A recent poll says that 44% of Americans believe that Obama tried to mislead the public on the Benghazi attacks. 47% said he didn't.

  Hmmm...47%. That number just keeps popping up.

• So if the administration didn't try to mislead the public, then what is the only alternative? Utter incompetence?

• I guess if you lie to the people, then that is damaging, but if you are just completely incompetent, that's ok.

  47% percent of the American people are saying, "you'll get 'em next time champ".

• Except Obama won't get anything next time. If he has four more years, it will be four more plaguey years of incompetence and nincompoopery.

• Apparently, at an Obama rally featuring the First Lady, there were chants of "Hail Obama".

  Hail, Sieg Heil...tomato, tomahto.

• Remember this?

• I'm not trying to say Obama = Hitler, because as I have argued before, that's stupid.

  But I am saying that Obama and company used a lot of the same techniques to garner a loyal and devoted following. And that it's really creepy.

• Carry on smartly.


  1. I know a lovely elderly woman who was in Hitler's youth programs as child in Germany. She actually shook Hitler's hand. She is not racist,but she bought into a lot of the propaganda he taught. Even now she maintains that he was a strong leader who was trying to strengthen her country and has been misrepresented by the world at large. This is not a crazy old woman, mind you. This is a fully-functioning kind intelligent strong-willed politically aware Christian woman. I find her to be amazing. She has traveled the world and done things I will never do. The fact that such an incredible person can buy into the kind of philosophies that Hitler taught...and still believe them today alerts me to how dangerous the techniques you mention can be - especially when taught to the young. Creepy is right.

    1. I'd originally written more on the subject, but it was getting too wordy for a morning post. The gist of what I said was that any group of people can get caught up in that kind of hysteria. I read a very interesting book when I was a kid called "The Wave". I think there have been several movies based on it. It basically details how a history teacher in high school attempts to teach his students how the "Germans could have been so stupid" when they bought into what Hitler was selling.

      I won't say much more about it, in case you want to read it. It's a short book, written for high school age kids. But it does make some interesting points about how people can be so easily duped when they feel they are a part of a collective.