Monday, December 17, 2012

My Humor

I was explaining to my 3rd-grade daughter that one of my higher-up bosses had distributed an article on “Candor, Criticism, Teamwork” from the Harvard Business Review that, among other things, recommended that big meetings be broken up into smaller ones, and in the small meetings that one or two people should volunteer to be the “official advocates of candor”.  The author referred to this as “Designating a ‘Yoda’”, after the “Star Wars” Jedi Master.  The article was distributed to the project managers like myself with the directive that WE should be the Yoda for the efforts we’re involved in. 

Now I drink way too many carbonated beverages, and carry around a super-sized mug almost at all times, so I suggested in return that it would be more appropriate to consider me Yoda’s 2nd-cousin, “Soda”. 

I didn’t think that was the best joke I’ve ever told, or even all that funny, but apparently I’ve mastered 3rd-grade humor because my girl says it is the funniest thing she’s ever heard.

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  1. :)Uh oh. You have mastered the "dad" humor.

    I've decided that the next time your child loses a tooth, you should just make two copies of your incredible tooth fairy notes. My son's name is Joshua, btw. :) He's only 3 so you should have lots of notes all ready before I need them. I think that's an awesome plan. Don't you?