Friday, January 4, 2013

Al Jazeera is Coming to America

So, Gore’s failure of a TV station, CurrentTV has gone belly up and has been acquired by Al Jazeera, and it will be retooled into Al Jazeera America.  By all accounts it's going to be a great lineup for the whole family.  I’m gonna be upgrading my satellite package.  My man in State has an advance of the proposed lineup for the new channel.  Here it is.

Children shows

·         Dora the Exploder

·         Spongebomb Squarepants

·         Phineas and C4

Game shows

·         Family Infitada

·         Whack-a-Jew

·         Wheel of Torture

Reality TV

·         Harem Swap

·         Bakalakadaka Shore

·         No Survivor

·         Flight School

·         The Sharia Court

·         The Great Satan’s Idol

·         My Big Fat Gypsy Stoning

·         Dirty Bombs with Mohammad Rowe

Soap Operas

·         General Field Hospital

·         As the World Burns

Situation Comedies

·         The Big Bang Theory

·         How I Stoned Your Mother

·         30 Rocks

·         Two and a Half Infidels

Al Jazeera After Dark

·         How to Tame a Wild Burka

·         Burka Carwash

·         Habib Hefner’s Wet Burka Competition

·         Brokeback Mountain Goat

·         Lost in Paradise: Menage a Soixante-dix Deux


  1. what ever happened to the simpler times with the "plural honeymooners", or the "Mohamed Bunch"?

  2. Haha how about "even BIGger LOVE..the middle east edition" and "The Mental case"

  3. you forgot the View and David Letterman