Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Arik says I am supposed to share personal anecdotes and the like...because something something.

Ok, sure fine. You guys know I got a banjo now. And of course, as any red-blooded male is wont to do, I tuned that baby up and started a'figuring out some tunes on it. Obviously, the first one that any guy would want to know is "Deuling Banjos". That took like 5 minutes...except the fast part. I don't have my finger picks yet.

So, absent finger picks, I just started strumming. And came up with a great tune. I was like...what is this great song? My sons were strumming their guitars along with it and they loved it. And I started making up words to it like:

I wish I had some words to give to this cool song.
It's really great and easy at the same time.
But all of the words I can think of don't do it justice.
And few of them come even close to a rhyme.

As I pick I keep a'wonderin' what this is I'm playing.
But I can't help thinking that I've probably played it before.
Why am I trying to sing all this in a horrible English accent?
Well I think I'll throw my pick down, bring the house down to the floor...

How is it that Kermit the Frog plays a banjo-o?
He lives in a swamp and that's really gonna get it wet.
Besides the fact that he talks funny and he plays a banjo-o.
I think he does it cause he lost an expensive bet.


Then I figured out where the tune I was playing came from.

Not exactly the first thing most people try to learn on the banjo.


  1. What an offhand way in which to fritter and waste your hours!

  2. There has to be an internet rule # involving Pink Floyd covers on diverse instruments.

    Still, there are even more intriguing combinations out there.

  3. If you want to hear some interesting banjo music, pick up an Asylum Street Spankers CD. I suggest the two "Bootleg" Live albums. I think they are "Strawberry" and "Pussycat." One or the other has a banjo cover of Nine Inch Nails "Closer" that truly rocks. Or whatever you would call something that rocks that isn't rock.