Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tactical Nuke: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

• Kerry finally made contact with Russia's foreign minister.

  Rumor has it that the Russian foreign minister asked Kerry "Why the long face?"

  You had to have seen that one coming...

• So a guy in Florida takes his kids to the beach. There is a baby manatee in the water. Cool, guy thinks, I'll show it to my kids.

  So he plays with the manatee, and his kids play with it too. And someone takes pictures (probably the guy's wife).

  And playing with your kids and a manatee is kind of cool, so post these pictures on Facebook so your friends can see them right?

  Except one "friend" got all upset and called the EPA or some such agency, and now the guy is arrested, awaiting a drone strike to take him out from Obama.

  Don't you love government and their interpretation of silly laws?

• Carry on.


  1. Moral of the story? Be careful who your friends are. Or who you friend. Or something. Geeez!

  2. Mynd you, mänatœ bites kan be pretty nasti...