Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Set to the song "Xanadu"
Lyrics start at 6:09. 
(With deepest sincere apologies to Messrs. Lifeson, Lee, and Peart.)

To find oneself alone adrift
To pray for any wind
To brave the last belligerence
Inflicted on the citizens…

I have read the red decrees of immorality
Passed so all could see
And stripping ancients rights from me and you.
Enemies with offices - the highest of the land
Push more than we'll stand
To shove us towards an ersatz Xanadu.

(Feel free to then silently mouth: "Are you kidding me?")

To stand within our lawful rights
Inscribed by God's own hand
Then be betrayed by simple men
Who would kill us where we stand
"Of what use are lawful folk?
It's criminals we need!"
They'll lay upon us heavy yokes*
To drive all free men to their knees.

The righteous have both come and gone and left us with the debt
Ruled by the inept
Frozen by the Boomers' Statist views
Still they cry "Give me, give me", demanding all they can
Ravaging the land
Will you give up easy or
Will you stand?

Will you fall?

Having placed in Halls of Power
The ones who hate all things
We stand in shock, and reeling back
From the sorrows which this brings
Nevermore can I obey
The law's designed to fail!
For I'm declared a criminal
And watch my country fall down to Hell.
(Right down to Hell!)

*Spelling correction courtesy of Crabby Old Bat in IMAO's comment section


  1. Love me some Rush. Good job on the lyrics!

  2. K. So I'm thinking, "wow! It surprises me that Hunter remembers that terrible Olivia Newton John movie. But ok. I know the song....singing it in my head...struggling to get the lyrics to fit...wow... And his lyrics seem so ANGRY for such a sweet roller skating ballad.... :)

    1. Honestly, I apparently never got over my resentment about being led to believe as a child that being great at Roller Disco would make me more attractive to girls.

      Sure, I got pretty good at dancing on skates - after all, there used to be an amusement park at Dallas Love Field airport which was my stomping ground - but you know how you've got a list of embarrassing memories that still raises the hackles on the back of your neck, and make you look around to see if anyone is reading your mind?

      Yeah, Roller Disco is on that list for me.

      By the way, does that list have a name? It’s kind of an anti-Bucket List – a list of things "I wish I hadn’t done, since one day I’m going to die".

      Ah, yes, "Regrets". That’s it…

    2. Sadly, Olivia Newton John was my first thought as well.

      And I'm a Rush fan.

      Curse you, Crappy Pop Culture! Also Perry the Platypus!

    3. Hey, Careful!

      We LOVE Phineas and Ferb 'round our place...

    4. I have to admit, the picture I have in my head of you doing Roller Disco has made me smile all day long. :)

    5. I just figured if I was cursing something, I ought to throw Perry the Platypus in there as well, for good measure.

      Perhaps I should have cursed Climpelune, the magical old-timey swimsuit that roams the Himalayas.

    6. Or the giant floating baby head... that guy creeps me out!

  3. Fantastic as usual- and I remember that place at Love Field!! Wow, I feel old....