Monday, April 8, 2013

Freedom, Fairness, Kim Chee

Been a couple of days since Keln plugged me in here as a blogger, and I've been trying to work up some stuff, but a lot of things got in the way this weekend.  Saturday morning my neighbor wandered over to my place, and spent most of the morning sitting out on my deck, smoking and drinking coffee.  I enjoy talking to the guy, this particular morning he talked on and on about his experiences in the Korean War, and about that Kim Jung Un guy.  He said that while he was over there he had become addicted to kim chee, which turned into a life long problem.  He's been going to KCA meetings forever.  I know a little bit about the problem, (I have a fondness for kim chee myself) so I mentioned that I had heard the VA had designated kim chee addiction as a service connected disability, and he said yeah, he'd filed a claim 6 years ago, and was still waiting for a decision.  The biggest problem he has as a result is, he has really bad breath.  I mean, my dogs wouldn't come out from under the deck.  He's a great guy, but there went Saturday morning.

Also, Harvey's been helping me with blogging related things.  He explained to me a little about the interwebs.  I didn't know there were 8 of them.  He said that I would need a separate computer for each one, which makes sense.  So I spent the rest of Saturday at Best Buy buying computers.  The kid there was very helpful, got me all set up, but he kept leaning back in his chair.  So I had to get closer and talk louder so he could hear me.  For some reason he kept offering me TicTacs.  When we were done he asked if I needed help putting everything in the truck, me being disabled and all.  I didn't know what he meant, but I thanked him, and went on my way.  Spent all day Sunday hooking everything up, so didn't make any progress on things all weekend.  

All that being said, here's a video that really got to me, it's a gem that serves as a beautiful metaphor for freedom.  Along with that is  a picture of where President Obama's notions of "fairness" will take us if we let it.    

Our President's vision for us all is illustrated in the photo below.  Note the degree of fairness we see here:  Every bird has an equal amount of space to himself, (about 2 sq ft), they all have access to the same amount of food and water, and they all have equal access to any medical care they might need, as well as free birth control.  Also they are surrounded by an enclosure which protects them from predators.  In all fairness, it should be noted that they are all free to face whichever direction they choose.  This is a truly utopian arrangement, no?  What could be more fair?

Now, by comparison, watch the video below, and you will see the dangers inherent in freedom.  The bird shown is forced to fly, using his own resources, before he can rest on the outstretched hand.  Also, if he wants anything to eat, he has to find and catch it himself, again, with no help from the government.  He is also completely unprotected from the forces of nature, wind, disease, predators, etc.  He's on his own in a cruel world.  Which kind of bird do you want to be?  Which kind of bird would you like your grandchildren to be?  Why is this even a question?  Everyone who reads this knows that this is the kind of freedom we have all been blessed with for 237 years, yet there are forces in the country today who would undo it all in the pursuit of power,  masking it all as "fairness"…anyway, let me know what you think.


  1. I love this guy! I try to love the shepple too, but it's hard sometimes , Bless you Springer.

  2. Doug,
    I KNOW this guy! And he is off-the-chart-brilliant. I'll read anything he posts twice!