Sunday, April 7, 2013

“Anything Goes” Campaign Update

I addressed one of Arik’s points on the definition of marriage in a previous post, ostensibly agreeing with some politicos who conclude that the issue is a lost cause.

Oddly, though, it seems that I've had no success at all with my “Anything Goes” movement, when it comes to urging progressives to embrace the consummation of their stated ideals. Apparently, those critical of the “intolerant” either lack a degree of open-mindedness themselves, or are cowards for not outwardly expressing the extent of their enlightenment — or perhaps mine is not worthy of inclusion amongst the manifold garish configurations of stripes and icons that they seem to need to “raise awareness,” and use much like armbands to define their identities.

You know who else uses armbands? Crossing guards, that’s who — why? What were you thinking of?


  1. Geez they didn't think your pretty symbol thingy would raise awareness? I'm not sure I've been able to see straight since. :P I thought that was what they were going for...

  2. Must...remember...not to look at it...while suffering...from gastroenteritis.