Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No Donkey For Me

Harvey promised a shiny new donkey (over at ) to anyone who could build a parody around this video.  I looked at this thing, and I can't find any way to get around how much it scares me.  The left seems to have literally lost their minds.  They can't seem to see how bizarre they sound, and the woman in this video obviously feels like somehow she is making perfect sense.  If Harvey wants a parody about this, I think he might have to go dig up Mark Twain or somebody like that.  The Marine Corps taught me how to kill people and break stuff, architecture school taught me how to design and build buildings, and my Mom taught me not to make fun of people who are mentally impaired.  All of which leaves me totally unequipped to deal with this.  I'm the new guy around here, and Joe Biden, Kim Jong Un, and a lot of other people like them are easy targets, but this is just out of my league.  So my wife and I sat down and looked at our budget, and we decided that if we really need a shiny new donkey (who doesn't?)  we're in good enough shape to go out this weekend and buy one.  Watch for yourself:    

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  1. How about that old saying that it takes a spillage to craze a child? Anyway Harvey awarded her a forty acre forehead and a mule a while back, or so it would appear.