Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Rant: It Isn't About Society

Jehosaphat H. Kringle, I am so tired of hearing the term "society". Or phrases like "best for society" or "for the betterment of society". Who cares about those schlubs? Who made the rest of society the boss of you anyway? When things are done from the perspective of "for society", you can guarantee that within that context, you are just a statistic. A percentage point. A number.

What's best for society, is not always what is best for you. And since you only have one life on this Earth, I am pretty sure that's a patent bogus proposition, if you end up in the statistical "screwed over" category. But this is how the left thinks. It is about society. It is about the collective. It is about group think. Not about personal freedoms or individuality. Even homosexuals and minorities are fated to be keyholed into a label on a statistical chart of how the left thinks you should behave and be treated. We're all one big pie chart to the left. That is how they want to run the show. With slide rules and calculators.

Ironically, their calculators don't actually work, so that makes it even worse. They aren't only guilty of not understanding math...they do bad math on purpose, to make their calculations work. If any group invented imaginary numbers, it was the left.

Like this thing where one of their MSNBC propaganda pushers made an advertisement talking about how "society" owns our children. I think by "society", she meant the state. I mean really, is there any question about the left's intentions when they admit that? We're not talking about a miss-wording or a slip of the tongue here. This was a commercial. The words chosen were intentional. And unsurprising, if you have come to understand the left.

Their grand idea is that humanity should be controlled. I've said this before...the one thing the left hates more than anything is human nature itself. It doesn't fit their models for an utopian society. Their goal is control. They want to run the world like SimCity, and to the inferno with your personal goals, wishes, or wants. Statistics don't complain, and neither should you. If you would just cooperate, they could form the utopian society they envisioned in their college paper.

I'm 'bout sick of it. I think I am going to start stockpiling guns, cans of beer, and rebel flags. I don't even like canned beer and I'm not from the South, but something has to be done here.


  1. perhaps you can stock bottled beer?

  2. I'm with jw. Bottled beer. Definitely. And the bottles are better to whack someone over the head with. I've watched plenty of westerns. Someone always gets a bottle busted over their head eventually.

  3. It's the age old game of Freetopia versus Utopia

    People have been pursing Utopia since the invention of history. Some charismatic leader comes along and says, ‘This world would be a better place if I could just force everybody to do things my way.’

    Surprisingly, there are always plenty of people willing to help him achieve his dream. Some do so out of idealism. Others because they have been promised that they will get to be on the telling side of things as opposed to the told side.

    The chief characteristic of all of these societies is the belief that they can achieve Utopia through coercion: peace and prosperity at the point of a gun, with the guns being used to enforce the one sanctioned ideology of the leader.

    Freetopia, on the other hand, is based on the idea of everybody being free to live life as they see fit (so long as they don’t see fit to force other people to fit with them).

    In other words, in Freetopia, the guns are used to eliminate coercion, while in Utopia they are used as the instrument of it.

    In Utopia, the guns are used to force you to turn your property over to the collective. In Freetopia, they are used to stop the guy trying to take your property for the collective.

    In Utopia, the guns are used to make sure you vote for the dear leader. In Freetopia, they are used to stop the guy trying to force you to vote for the dear leader.

    If asked, modern liberals would claim that they are pursuing Freetopia, but their insistence on doing it through coercion puts them firmly in the Utopian camp.