Saturday, June 8, 2013

Computer Virus Alert: Obamavirus

With all the scandals going around about the government snooping on private citizens, I suppose it was only a matter of time, but apparently the NSA has unleashed a new computer virus that is designed not to snoop on the content of what people post, but to actually EDIT it to a more acceptable form. This occurs whenever someone tries to say something negative about the president and the Democrat Party.

For example, if I try to type in "President Obama is a great guy," the virus will edit it to say "President Obama is a great guy."

If I try to say "President Obama loves puppies and children," it will come out as "President Obama loves puppies and children."

An attempt to call the Democrat Party the "Party of Peace and Love" results in the text being edited to call the Democrat Party the "Party of Peace and Love."

Personally, I think these incredibly smart people should be elected for life and then worshipped like the human deities they clearly are.

Update: It would appear that my computer has already been infected. I will try to find some anti-virus program that will get rid of it and keep you informed. Bless you, Barack Obama!


  1. Hahahaha! We need to get your "voices" set up with an editing program of their own! :)

    1. I already have one: I call it "Anonymiss." It replaces all my naughty words with little stars (****) than gently reminds me to "Keep it clean, silly Brashful!"