Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Do You Like Word Games?

Can you think of any others?


  1. Eric Holder -- Dire Choler (which would be hilarious a few centuries ago)


    Rehire Clod
    Order Chile
    Horde Relic
    Choir Elder
    Richer Dole

  2. Many for "Justice for Trayvon."

    Fractions Veto Jury
    Factor Votes Injury
    Injury Oft Overacts
    Justify Acorn Voter
    Just Favorite Crony
    Juicy Rotten Favors
    A Covert Soft Injury

  3. Fast and Furious:

    Sustain Of Fraud
    Adios Turf Snafu
    Our Staff Unsaid
    A Raid Snuffs Out
    A Fraud Fits Onus
    Aids A Snuff Tour

  4. Nuking Politics:

    Nitpicking Soul
    Punk Soliciting (It'll get you 10 to 20)
    Outlining Picks
    I Stunk Policing
    Citing Kilo Puns
    Pinko Icing Slut (or Lust)
    Ion Lipstick Gun (Girl band)
    Gun Silo Nitpick (A gun geek site)
    Locking Pin Suit (sounds painful)
    Locking Unit Psi (New Syfy series?)
    Loin Sucking Pit (A show on the Cooking Channel -- or one of those other channels -- Giggety!)
    Sucking Lion Pit (A show on Animal Planet, or see above)
    Silicon Gunk Pit (Let's get ready to rumble!)
    Tickling In Soup (This is getting out of hand.)

  5. For all your anagramming needs

  6. Les, you're on a roll!!!

    I have pinko icing lust...I need some for my spiral sugar cookies...