Wednesday, August 7, 2013

♫ The Side-Step ♫

Bob B. reminded me of this silly little song from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. (Cookies to Bob B.!) In this clip, the governor is responding to questions about a scandal and what he plans to do about it...

I guess this is the song and dance they teach all aspiring baby-kissers at Future Politician Camp. What I didn't know is that they won't let you go home until you know it cold. 

Our President is a natural:

Note: When I googled "Obama sidestep" the list was so long I had a hard time finding this. What do you think his best sidestep of all time has been?  Cookies are at stake...


  1. thanks for reminding me what a good entertainer charles durning was. he also was at Normandy and was awarded, among other things, a silver star, a bronze star and a purple heart. RIP

    biggest obama sidestep? where was he for the seven missing benghazi hours?

  2. Huh... funny how the chubby white guy has better rhythm than the skinny black guy.

    Obama needs to stop letting his white half do the dancing for him.

  3. He used to do that sideways slidey-step between pews, leaving church just moments before Rev. Wright would say something controversial.