Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tactical Nuke: October 2nd, 2013

• Well, you might have heard about some WWII vets come to visit the WWII Memorial in D.C. on an Honor Flight (it's a privately funded free trip to ensure that our remaining WWII vets get to see the memorial that was erected in their honor) only to find it was barricaded due to the government shutdown. So they did what many of our brave men in WWII did and busted through the enemy lines to see what they had come there for. The were accompanied by a couple members of congress as well (dirty Republicans no doubt).

  Well there is another honor flight group bound for the memorial next week, and they were worried about whether they can see the memorial too, so they called authorities in D.C. to find out, only to be told they would face arrest if they try such a thing. Keep in mind, many of these guys are in wheel chairs being 90+ years old.

  I find it hard to believe any normal thinking person could actually act on orders to arrest 90 year old heroes coming to see their memorial. But then we're talking about D.C. here...they don't exactly hire normal thinking people. Might want to reschedule...or come armed with bayonets at the ready.

• Looks like the shutdown might affect college football too. Air Force is supposed to travel to Annapolis this week to play Navy, and Army is supposed to go to Boston College. But the travel expenses to do so might be considered "congressionally appropriated funds" or some such nonsense.

  Of course, there are plenty of people offering money to donate to get the kids to their games, but lawyers, those pathetic rats that they are, are debating if that is legal.

  I thought the first law of show business government is that the show football game must go on. Pretty sure I saw that on TV in the Declaration of Independence somewhere.

R.I.P Tom Clancey. We'll miss your fantastic stories.

• I think my favorite book-based movie by Tom  Clancy is The Hunt for Red October. It is also the only thing with Alec Baldwin in it that I allow myself to watch. As a former submariner, it's easy to get upset about how innacurate so many things are in a submarine movie like that.

  But Sean Connery speaking Rusky-Scottish, and all the fun action, and Darth Vader playing an admiral just makes it a flippin awesome movie. Oh, and a red commie submarine gets blowed up. Even more awesome. Add to that THE MAN himself Fred Thompson playing another Admiral ("The Russians don't take a dump, son, without a plan").

  If they could have worked in a lightsaber duel between Admiral Greer and Alec Baldwin (Baldwin loses), it probably could have been the best movie ever.

• Really, Harrison Ford was the best Jack Ryan. We'll see in the new Jack Ryan flick coming out this year.

• Carry on.

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