Monday, March 31, 2014

I Really Can't Tell - Part 3

It is a well known "FACT!" that the OFA - and leftists in general - make full use of the ancient maxim "get 'em while they're young".  What isn't quite so well known is that OFA "Community Organizers" graduate from their extensive training regimen prior to their third birthday (in actual verifiable fact, their trainee uniforms are only available in sizes up to 24 months), after which all political and moral development typically ceases altogether.

Case in point - the kid pictured below looks happy enough - perhaps they caught him between two screaming fits - so I really can't tell if this is evidence of child abuse (doubtful), evidence of things about to go terribly wrong in the child's life (more likely), or evidence of some of the worst political career advice ever bestowed upon a human being (a certainty).
If you've ever wondered why so many Democrats seem like they're stuck in their "Terrible Twos", well... now you know! *

Just keep this in mind the next time you observe some lefty activist react in faux-horror (screaming about the dangers of "right-wing indoctrination") to seeing a patriotically dressed child participating in a Tea Party rally, learning the basics of firearm safety, or marching in a 4th of July parade.

*  You can't believe how hard it is to not let this degrade into a series of Ethan Krupp/Pajamaboy jokes. They'd actually be funnier, but still, you know, a bit dated.

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