Monday, March 31, 2014

I'll Never Leave (DRAFT Video)

In the spirit of collaboration, which sounds a lot better than "looking for almost any route out of a dark creative labyrinth", I've decided to post a "no visuals" DRAFT of a video I'm working on.

"What's that?" You say, "A no visuals video?"

Well, yes, since I don't think Blogger will simply let me post an MP3 file, and I haven't gone much beyond recording and editing the music (and even that probably needs some tightening up).

How this eventually turns out may vary wildly from my current loosely-held intentions.  However, I'll tell you that some stock footage I downloaded from NASA, taken on board the International Space Station, looks GREAT over the very beginning. But that footage creates at least two problems: 1) It is a pretty clich├ęd idea, and 2) "Part 2" of the piece is supposed to be a message of reassurance, said by one partner to the other in a troubled relationship. You're supposed to be able to hear the musical phrase "I'll never leave!" repeated several times.

Part 1 is from 0:00 to 3:13
Part 2 is from 3:13 to 7:30

Anyways, my creative vehicle broke down in Stucksville, and since I had time to upload this - my first YouTube video ever - I thought I'd give the NP staff and regular readers a crack at helping me out with the visuals. If you care to. No obligation, of course. And "NO", the title isn't some sort of bad pun regarding how I disappear from posting for months at a time. Sorry about that...

You know what to do:

You can also hit it at this YouTube link, which for some odd reason Blogger wouldn't allow me to embed:


  1. Very nice, has a "filmic" feel to it. You're right -- an earth-space theme would work in the beginning, but after the transition around 3:20, it evokes outdoors, forest, river, lake imagery. There's a feeling of longing, reminiscing -- solitude, but intimacy, reaching out, showing someone a story.

    For some strange reason, it reminded me a little of Neil Young's "Dead Man" soundtrack.

    For what it be worth.

  2. You should score movies! I am sure some local filmmakers would love to listen to this one :) I love it.