Sunday, March 23, 2014

Simply Indefensible

I really, truly apologize for the following, and am reluctant to post it, but its value lies in exemplifying just how lame are the attempts at sarcastic humor by the left in trying to discredit any rational criticism of the party line.

Technical and aesthetic aspects aside, this horrible homespun homage to Robert Palmer covers nearly every talking point. Its title is based on a remark by Senator Harry Reid in his crusade against the eeeevil Koch Brothers, who are conspiring against bankrupting the country the common folk to take over the universe, or something. And don’t you dare bring up unions. Because.

Summary: the billionaire Koch Brothers created the Tea Party, and they and their shady shadow groups are slyly financing the GOP in supporting anti-health care, anti-choice, anti-women, anti-gay rights, pro-air polluting, climate change-denying, birther-sexist-racist-homophobic movements. No thoughtful subtext here — that’s pretty much how the cow ate the cabbage.

I did warn you.


  1. Wow...can't unsee that! Thanks a lot, Les...PsychoSupermom indeed - and it was more like what the cow DID with the cabbage afterwards.