Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hiding Behind Children

Leftists work hard to defend Hamas, condemning Israel's reaction to constant bombing and terrorism, and never acknowledge reality.  The barbaric practice of using children and other noncombatants as shields is a known Hamas tactic, and any support they receive from leftists worldwide excuses and ignores this behavior, which ensures that it will continue.  Any state that cannot fight a war without hiding behind children does not deserve to exist.

People who can find a moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel must first find a way to ignore the barbaric treatment of children by Hamas shown in the sickening picture after the break.  If you don't have a strong stomach, don't go there.
Many of us returned to our families from Vietnam only to  encounter, more than once, people who informed us that we were baby killers.  Hearing this was a common occurrence for most of us.  It's an insult to even have to respond.  Decent people don't harm children because it's an indecent thing to do, not merely because the Geneva Conventions forbid it.  The same can not be said of the people we were fighting, who saw such behavior as merely another means of intimidating Vietnamese civilians who resisted them.  I dealt with my share of the results of this monstrous behavior then, and it has affected me my entire life.   

Things haven't changed much. The people who made these accusations used to be known as hippies.  They're still out there, but now they're known as progressives.  They are amoral people who will say and do anything as long as it serves their political agenda, and they are cowards who don't have the courage to confront the dissonance that lies between reality and the Godless fantasy that drives them.  One way they hide from their cowardice is to mock the people who do the dirty work that protects their freedom.  They are entitled to that freedom, but they are not entitled to respect.  They were idiots then, and they're idiots now.   

And I don't care who that offends.

Picture via Doug Ross Journal

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  1. The only way to #FreeGaza is to #CrushHamas.

    Unfortunately, it looks, at least from the outside, that Gaze supports Hamas.