Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm Confused as to Why He Said This

So, at yesterday's press conference, our Modern Day Cicero said this: "We don't have a strategy yet." This was regarding how to deal with ISIS and the overall decaying situation in the Middle East.

I don't understand why he said this. I mean, the guy lies about anything and everything. Did TOTUS turn malicious and feed him this line? Or just break down and make him answer off the cuff?

Or maybe this is some crazy jujitsu-type thing, where he has some insanely good strategy, but just doesn't want anyone to know about it so he can give us all a big surprise when he busts out the whuppin stick and delivers a whole lotta shock and awe on their behinds.

Somehow that doesn't seem plausible.

The closest thing to strategy we've seen from this guy is the idea that, on the 15th at Andrews, you need to drop your approach behind the bunkers and let it roll toward the cup, but not too hard or it will find the water hazard behind the green.


  1. I attempted to answer your question in the above post. I don't think anyone has a strategy, much less Obama who doesn't even listen to the military. That he admitted it...well his teleprompter wasn't there to help him I guess. I'll give him a golf clap for being honest for once, even if accidentally.

  2. Occasionally, he DOES get one right. Maybe it is accidental, but credit where it's due: Kanye West is STILL a Jacka**.