Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Hockey Puck Graph

Everybody is well aware of the unceasing push by Al Gore and his team of omniscient scientists to prove once and for all that humans are destroying the planet.  A while back they came up with the famous "Hockey Stick Graph" shown here to prove their point.  Only problem was, it was completely bogus.  It's what you might expect when you combine the scientific process of Aristotle with the mendacity of Al Gore's politically motivated crusade.

Here's a different graph that explains a different problem.  It plots the increase in problems the nation faces against the level of effort made by the current administration to do anything about any of it. 

I call it "The Hockey Puck Graph", (with apologies to Don Rickles, and thanks to Bob B).  Both of these graphs were the product of a scientific process used frequently by leftists, which they affectionately refer to as "whomping stuff up", and both probably took about an equal amount of time and actual research.  I took the liberty of using their technique for the "Hockey Puck Graph",  the major difference being that it is far more accurate.