Saturday, April 25, 2015

Relax, Madge, it’s Yellowcake

The marketing genii of the same ilk who brought you such mockable, healthcare-hawking icons as Pajama Boy and the two-dimensional, cradle-to-grave government dependent drone Julia, are at it again.

Hillary for America, which is ostensibly trying to get Ms. Clinton elected president, recently sent an email inviting supporters to display their fealty by using slick new bumper stickers in a futile attempt to keep their rusted out Scooby vans intact.

The theme of this promotion: “Where will you stick yours?


Nobody at team Hillary has ever heard of a double entendre? Nobody has heard of the escapades of the man she stood by, cursed, and hurled various household items at during his tenure as philanderer in chief?

Please tell me this entire campaign is an elaborately contrived reality show, and at some climactic moment, when even the die-hard apologist minions at Media Matters collapse into fits of apoplectic bewilderment, Ashton Kutcher will rip off his Hillary mask to reveal that he’s “Punked the Country.”

It would explain a lot.

“It’s evil! Don’t touch it!”

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