Friday, July 3, 2015

A Bison Once Bit My Sister

Several people have been injured after getting too close to bison in Yellowstone National Park this season. The main reason for these incidents is because some people don’t heed common sense warnings. Mind you, most of the victims are apparently adults, but it seems much of their understanding of wildlife is derived from watching Disney cartoons.

Warnings can be helpful. They are issued because people have noted a strong correlation between doing, or not doing certain things, and other terrible things often happening as a result.

“Don’t tell me not to vote for that progressive. He’s going to change things and give us free stuff!”

But a warning based on conjecture, or speculations that cannot be proven true or false by experience or experimentation, especially when it would give the purveyors of such presumptions positions of power if they were to be believed, is not one that should be blindly obeyed — even if the great majority of specialists on the subject agree on it.

Here’s an advisory that is given to tourists as they enter Yellowstone:

And my adaptation:


  1. Høpefully, yøur sister gøt tø see the løveli lakes beføre getting bit.

    1. Ja, but that bisøn bite was pretti nasti.

  2. "But buffalo, he so floofy! Commen here, babi buffaaallloooWWWWW!"