Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Donald 'Judah' Trump - "Victoribus Spolia"

"To The Victor Go The Spoils"

Or should I say,

"To Donald 'Judah' Trump Go The Spoils"

After Donald Trump's glorious conquest in battle against Hillary Clinton in their second debate Sunday, October 9th, I feel energized, revitalized and maybe even "super sized!"

Is it just me? I doubt it's just me feeling warm and fuzzy all over today.

I think I'm even feeling kind of, I don't know, powerful?

While the inspiration to fight government corruption is coursing through my veins, I may go down to the county tax collector's office and tell them to refund all the automatic property tax increases they imposed on me for the last twenty years, without any legally required real estate assessment.

I know, I know. Refund ain't gonna happen. But, they can reset my tax rate to the original rate if I push the tyrant's chariot hard enough and squeak the wheels loud enough.

And that's what Trump did in the second debate.

As a matter of fact, he didn't just squeak the wheels, he tore the wheels off the tyrant's chariot.

This debate and entire presidential race brought to mind an amazing similarity to the 1959 epic cinema creation, "Ben-Hur."

Judah Ben-Hur, played by Charlton Heston, is a wealthy Jewish prince and merchant in Jerusalem circa 29 AD, who is dedicated to his faith, his family and the freedom of the Jewish people.

Messala, played by Stephen Boyd, is Judah's childhood friend who has become a powerful commander of the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. Messala's strength comes from his belief in Rome's glory and unquestionable imperial power and authority.


(I'm being polite, though in my opinion, this movie classic shouldn't have been remade)

Due to their philosophical differences, Messala betrays Judah, resulting in Judah's wrongful imprisonment as a galley slave on a Roman ship. Judah vows to avenge the injustice of this evil betrayal of him and his family.

Four years later, after events occur that Judah believes are guided by God to lead him to his vengeance against Messala, he returns to Jerusalem a very wealthy and powerful Roman Consul's adopted son.

Ultimately, Judah is pitted against Messala in a great chariot race arranged for the pleasure of the new Judean governor Pontius Pilate.

In the climactic and mesmerizing chariot scene, Messala uses every wicked tactic to defeat Judah. To achieve that end, some of his devious actions result in death to several other chariot racers and the arena track workers.

His callousness and lust for Judah's destruction push him to an extremely dangerous maneuver. In an attempt to demolish the wheels of Judah's chariot, Messala's own wheels are destroyed, flung from his chariot and his body is dragged to a certain slow death by his own evil intent and actions.

Judah wins the race, saves his family and restores them to a life of prosperity.

Any of this sounding eerily familiar?

Well, Donald 'Judah' Trump certainly stood tall and strong against Hillary 'Messala' Clinton's devious tactics in the second debate and throughout this entire campaign.

Not only did he face Hillary's beguiling style and Cheshire smile but, he withstood the onslaught of Martha "Road-rash's" rude interruptions and Clinton leaning "moderation."

He withstood the onslaught with unfavorable odds and used the disdain against him to deliver pummeling ego crushing blows to Clinton.

And he did it as a gentleman, eye to eye, face to face.

Mano o mano.

He didn't even raise his voice. The poignantly expressed truth, about Hillary and to Hillary, will reverberate all the way to election night in a win for him and America. And most likely will have some humbling effect for the rest of her life.

I felt a great sense of pride and relief when he directly and calmly spoke about her lies, her lack of accomplishment in thirty years of public service for the specific people she purports to help and about initiating a special investigation of her ignored criminal actions if he is elected president.

When Hillary attempted the dig about being "grateful" Donald Trump isn't in charge of law enforcement in our country, his retort that she'd be in jail if he were was a classic coup de grace.

And this feeble attempt to denigrate him over some ancient salty arrogant buddy to buddy sex talk is truly laughable. In the past, I have said and done far worse things that felt competitive and maybe even seemed appropriate at the time, especially while only thinking in the moment with the guys.

I dare say these "highly esteemed" legislators like Paul Ryan, John McCain, John Kasich, Jeff Flake or Mike Lee couldn't honestly admit anything much different than me. Let alone mister "I've slept with a thousand women" Geraldo Rivera, mister "I left my wife for my back up vocalist" Bruce Springsteen and former Pink Floyd band mate, Roger Waters.

I'll bet "Uncle Ted" Nugent is probably holding his guts laughing about any rock-n-rollers getting self-righteous about Trump and his naughty words!

The bottom line - Donald Trump is a man's man.

A rare quality in politics, whether in Washington DC or anywhere else.

He's not a panty waisted, metro sexual, "I'm in tune with the feminine aspect of myself" kind of guy that plays emotional head games and talks for days around issues without ever getting to the issues, let alone solving them.

He's honest, straightforward and expresses his point with a brisk cadence and tone that's really refreshing.

His style is not what you normally see in a politician and that's because, he's not a politician. His style is the "fresh blood" we need infused in American politics, just the opposite of the style of "blood sucking" in politics we've become so accustomed to.

Donald Trump is a leader. And he certainly led that debate.

"Victoribus Spolia"  -  "To Donald 'Judah' Trump Go The Spoils"

To Hillary 'Messala' Clinton goes the despoiling.

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