Sunday, October 9, 2016

Guest Blogger: Donald Trump - A Modern Day Nehemiah? Part 2

The following was submitted to us by Mordecai Gallows.

The Old Testament prophet Nehemiah from Israel was a great man appointed by God. In my humble opinion, so is Donald Trump.

The actions of each man restored their nations to a sovereign state of existence.

I see many parallels between ancient Israel and America that make sense when comparing these parallels with the Cycle Of Great Nations chart below.

 The Cycle Of Great Nations

- An influx of different ideologies that dilute or supplant the true ideological foundation of the nation

- A resulting ignorance of that true foundation

- Idolatry for a false foundation

- Captivity results from the idolatry

- The sovereignty of the nation is nearly destroyed

- Believers of the true foundation return to and restore the sovereignty of the nation

- Prioritize the goal and focus the effort to build / rebuild the wall

- Control the wall and who passes

- Educate the population on the true foundation of the nation and it’s founding principles

- Educate the population on the true law of the nation

- Live according to the law regardless of your affiliated “tribe”

And then…   Prosperity ensues!

(and I didn’t even mention thanking and praising God for His blessings, though in my opinion that’s the under girding of the restoration of our or any nation)

The parallels listed may not exactly match the sequence on the chart but, they do have an appropriate fit somewhere in the cycle.

It’s my opinion that for the last thirty years or so our nation has existed somewhere between abundance and bondage. (see chart below)  And a reasonable argument can be made that nearly one-fourth of our population now exists between dependence and bondage.

Dependence meaning some type of government welfare, subsidy or manipulation of thought and speech.

Bondage meaning submission to the dependence itself or some type of government regulations, taxes, statutory and ordinance restrictions, loss of liberties, etc. The list is as big as the Mount Everest of lies and coercions used to impose the “Affordable” Care Act on the American people in 2010.

Keep in mind that bondage doesn’t have to be physical confinement in a prison, a FEMA camp or an “Adult Summer Happy Camp” as Hillary Clinton has suggested for some of the non-compliant “alt-right” conspiracy theory folks.

You know the radical right wing people she believes are the greatest terrorist threat to our country; conservatives, Christians, the Tea Party, law abiding gun owners, constitutionalists, veterans, anti-globalists, proponents of limited government, “climate change” deniers, etc.
At least she suggested the “Summer Happy Camps” with a smile, though most of us know when Hillary is smiling, Hillary is beguiling.

But I digress.

The benefit of a man like Donald Trump, or Nehemiah, with his leadership skill, work ethic and plan for success is that many of us regular folks will likely bypass the bondage phase and go directly to faith, courage, liberty and abundance. The big irony is even those people who despise Mr. Trump and traditional America, and have worked so hard to “transform” it, will also bypass bondage and benefit from the sovereignty that’s restored to our nation.

So, to those of you who have fallen into complacency or apathy but have not lost your faith, at least not completely, have courage and vote on November 8th for the presidential candidate who believes in your nation’s sovereignty and your individual sovereignty to be restored.

Life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness are just around the corner.

And, an abundance of selflessness, independence and financial stability could be right behind.

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