Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Folks, please watch this recent Mark Dice video and then we'll talk, unless you end up shooting your TV, your laptop, your tablet, your phone or yourself in the head.

It's less than four minutes.

Okay. So this is what fun "da mental" transformation looks like, people!

The dumbing down of America is complete. Now, on to the next phase.

Be one of the first to sign up for Liberty College's new Zombieology and Transzombie Bias Avoidance online courses.

The first one hundred to register will receive a free zombie interactive kit which includes ___________.
(You fill in the blank based on your preference)

There's not a lot needed to interact with zombies.
They're easy to kill, see "Night Of The Living Dead."
They're easy to care for, see "Shaun Of The Dead." (the ending, of course)

These online courses will also include one regionally located on site class per semester.

The on site class will be hosted by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost who, using live fire, will teach how to shoot zombie Klingons around Uranus with the famous Winchester lever action rifle.

Applicants must be Ozombanomics certified and Ozombiecare insured

Payment accepted through PayFool using RFID implant or chip, eye scan, thumb print, voice recognition, palm reading, nose hair analysis, Jello facial imprint, Tarot card clairvoyance, three pints of OB positive zombie blood or your mother's maiden blood type, a combination urine, feces and saliva sample (or a screen shot of an Anthony Weiner sexting is an acceptable substitute)

Alright, let's talk, folks. With all zombie seriousness aside, these people in Dice's video are "prepared" to make a choice for drastic changes in America.

And America is ready to make drastic changes.

However, those changes seem to fall on two radically different paths that are on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

I believe only about half of Americans want to choose the path that leads to a restored sovereign representative republic, the path that requires hard work, responsibility, staying informed and holding our representatives truly accountable for their actions.

The great barrier to that restored republic, perhaps even greater than all the ultra-wealthy global elites combined, is the other half of Americans who have coalesced into a powerful force.

A massive ignorant uninformed army of zombie "voters" who mindlessly and vigorously march down the other path toward a "socialist democracy" or even worse, to a Mao Tse-tung "republic."

Remember that Chairman Mao said, (I'm paraphrasing) "If we have to lose twenty million people or so to achieve this republic, it's well worth it."

As an interesting comparison, keep in mind that our "Chairman Abortion" has killed between 45 to 65 million infants in the United States in the last forty years.

So this uninformed army of "voters" in our nation has been indoctrinated to believe that promoting, supporting and even living in a new "third world" international family is for the collective good.

Bear in mind that most of them won't sacrifice their iPhones, Audis, pensions, vacation homes, Direct TV, NFL season tickets, rock concerts, wine soirees, Kobe beef, international travel, not to mention those worse than terrorist threats refrigerators and air conditioners, etc., for that collective good.

Naturally, those indoctrinated in the international family theme would approve of virtually anyone voting in our elections, regardless of the unlawfulness and regardless of the apparent intent of the ultimate extinction of our national and individual sovereignty.

The result is the destruction of traditional America.

Blogger Ravi Crux on the Nuking Politics site made a great analogy about the state of affairs in our country.

Our flight is at thirty-five thousand feet, very heavy turbulence occurs, the "fasten seat belts" and "remain seated" lights come on and in a calm tone a stewardess' voice says, "please return to your seats, we're experiencing some heavy turbulence."

After a very quick and severe drop in altitude the oxygen masks deploy and the passengers with common sense, and who were listening to instructions before flight, know to put on their masks first to be able to help others get theirs on and possibly assist with seat belts, cushions, positioning, etc.

Ravi stated, "the oxygen masks have dropped from the ceiling, it is time to put it on."

The problem is half of the people on the plane aren't even paying attention and have no clue that a crash is imminent, so aside from not even going back and sitting in their seats and preparing, they're moving about the cabin and partying in the aisles.

Folks, we have two difficult paths to choose from and both scale a massive mountain of opposition.

One path will restore our sovereign United States of America and it's founding principles by rolling up our sleeves, doing some grueling persistent work and fighting the right "battles."

Many people will be tired and worn, but renewed by the accomplishment.

The other path will lead us into a "socialist democracy" where ultimately, by the barrel of a gun, we'll be forced participants in the new "third world" international family where the collective "good" supersedes the individual right. Millions may be "lost" for the Mao "republic."

Many people will be terrified by the rude awakening.

I believe the ramifications of the path our nation chooses in this election will change our entire world now, just as profoundly as the world was changed by the creation of America nearly three hundred years ago.

Be ready.  Or be a zombie with "da mental" transformation.

It's fun to watch, briefly.

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