Monday, October 3, 2016

Guest Blogger: Ravi Crux - Trump vs the Left: Post First Debate

The following was submitted to us by Ravi Crux.

Imagine, if you will, you are a globalist.  I realize that this is a difficult thing to most, but bear with me a moment.  As a globalist, you have the perfect candidate running for the highest position of power on the planet.  This candidate is eager and willing to implement all of the plans that you and your fellow globalists have been devising and preparing for, for decades.   She is intelligent, studious, and vehemently attempts to crush anyone in her way.   

You spend decades influencing, training and supporting her initiatives, from which you gain power and money.  You carefully massage and influence major power brokers across the world to fall in line with the goals that have been set.  You have even had eight solid years of unchecked power in this current position. 

All of your planning and goals are in reach, until you have a singular realization:

Your candidate is hated.

Up until this debate, one can presume that the disconnect between elitists and the populace was vast.  Many of the behind the scenes power brokers have illustrated how ignorant they are, when it comes to the response of the public.  Mr. Clinton was recently at a public gathering of globalists where they were discussing this very topic.  The main takeaway from that discussion:  Globalism may hurt some people in the US in order to grow other areas of the planet.  

 Though we can appreciate the rare honesty afforded by Mr. Clinton, we can no longer allow for further incompetent policies to be established.  This type of thinking was clearly illustrated in this debate, by Mrs. Clinton.  It shows us that no matter how bad it gets for Americans, the globalists will continue to press on. 

This debate, with an audience of over one-hundred million viewers was a major shock to the globalist agenda.  How? Why?  Consider this:  Donald Trump put not only the liberals, but put the world on notice.  America is tired of being the world’s punching bag.   

He did not back down, as previous Republican’s have in order to maintain some unspoken nicety agreement.  He did not stop, when trying to push out all of his points.  He did not quit, when the moderator kept asking non-topic related questions.  He even had to be a fact checker to the fact checker, during this debate. 

You can see that his style was effective, when Mrs. Clinton retreated to her already well-practiced responses.  She was shocked into sticking to her talking points, rarely branching out into reality.  Have you ever seen a movie, where the rowdy friend visits the posh country club?  During his visit, he manages to say outrageous and controversial things to the elite patrons, causing them to gasp and cover their mouths in shock.  That is what happened during the debate.  She may have been prepared for his positions, but she was not prepared to see him looking straight into her eyes while firing facts at her.

She maintained a smug smile nearly the entire debate.  Even many democrat friends have expressed that her demeanor was of the super elite.  Every time she spoke, it came across as if she was repeating well rehearsed one-liners written by cast members of some failed television show.  All she had to do was wait for the specific topic or trigger word, then recall and repeat the line.  And yet, no one was buying it.  The sad reality, that she and the globalist keeps missing, is that no one could afford to.

After all this hard work and practice, the post debate polling was abysmal for the liberals.  With the exception of the obvious cheer-leading arms of the globalist machine, most of the polls reflect a Donald Trump victory.  These types of polls, really add to the narrative that she is very disliked.  That American is fed up with the same old style of politics.  

 That America is really ready to make drastic changes.  Pause for a moment and consider all of the insults that she offered in this debate.  She said:  He is a racist, his voters are racist, he is a tax cheat, he was for the war, and (this one is a beauty) he will start nuclear war,  NUCLEAR WAR.  How many candidates could survive all of those kind insults and accusations and still get this kind of result?  I argue none:

All of the support she has through all of the  attacks, all of the insults, all of the assistance from obviously skewed questions by the moderator, and still she fails at the polls.  Globalists are just going to have to face the fact that the American voter is awakening to their false promises.  She and her policies are no longer going to be tolerated.  The fog of standard politics has been removed by Mr. Trump, and America is better for it.

One final thought.  The basic theme of Trump’s candidacy in my mind, comes down to this:  When on an airplane, the passengers are given specific instruction to place the oxygen mask on themselves FIRST before helping anyone else.  Do you know why this is?  You being alive allows you the ability to perhaps help others; you can not achieve this if you are not able to breathe.   

America, the oxygen masks have dropped from the ceiling, it is time to put it on.

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