Monday, November 7, 2016

A Scripture

Tonight, my family and I are just sitting down to Family Home Evening. Each week, on Monday night, we gather as a family and have songs, prayers and a lesson together. Oh, and obviously, cookies. We take turns with the different responsibilities, and tonight was mine to choose our scripture to "ponderize". We decide upon a scripture each week to print and put in our bathroom. We read it over and over and try to become familiar with it and even memorize it.  Since I get the chance to choose the ponderize scripture fairly often, when I do my daily reading, I keep a record of scriptures that strike a chord with me so that I can quickly choose a really good one.

This was the one I chose for tonight:

Love how she highlighted Ether 2:12 - great idea!:
Reference Link  

Let us serve God so that we may deserve that God Bless America. 

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