Monday, November 7, 2016

A Republic...If You Can Keep It

There is a stirring in the air. The stirrings of Revolution. Of the People, an entity called out in our most venerated Constitution, seeking to retake what is rightfully theirs: the Republic.

You've probably seen several sides to this equation. On the one hand, there are the diehard Clinton supporters. Democrat until their last breath. Incapable of forming a cogent thought on their own or questioning anything that has been presented to them their entire lives.

On the other hand is the mix of Never Trump and reluctant Trump voters. A strange dichotomy of people who at once consider the media to be biased and untrustworthy, yet base their entire opinions of Trump on what the media has told them for months.

And the remaining? The majority? The People.

They stand in the middle, within the breach. Willing to stay the forward movement of both the left and the establishment class. They desire a Republic. They want that power to be their own, as it was intended to be. They no longer trust anyone of the political bent nor the media which has served as their propaganda arm for decades.

We stand at a crossroads right now; one which I am no longer sure a wrong choice could be recovered from.

And yet we still have those on "our side" who just cannot see it. Still cannot get over their conflicted perceptions based on media lies while at the same saying they don't trust the media.

It is one or the other. It cannot be both. Either you believe the media lies, or you believe the candidate, his record, and the many anecdotal reports about him by people who have worked for and with him.

It is one or the other.

Either way, there is a Movement afoot. A Revolution of sorts. Millions of Americans from varying backgrounds who are sick and tired of corruption. They are to whom the future belongs. Not those who waffle on the sidelines. Not those who outright support the evil corruption that grips this nation as it has done for decades.

It is us; we Deplorables, who own the future.

Let us Make America Great Again with Donald John Trump as our standard-bearer.

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