Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Because America is Too Awesome to Resist

Clearly, these people are running from something.

So, today I was going to write about immigration...and well, I suppose I can't put it off any longer. The problem is, my position on it isn't necessarily popular with some of my friends on the right. But I take a rather realist view of it. If there are millions of illegal immigrants in the country, then our government has screwed up somewhere. Which, I am sure everyone can agree with me on, since our government screws the pooch on just about everything it tries to do.

My position is complete amnesty for all illegals. Sure, I get the argument that they broke the law to come here and by that very act they are all criminals (although I'd argue that their kids aren't). And I get that all of these undocumented people can pose a danger, because we don't know who the bad guys are among them. But, that is why we can't afford for them to continue to be undocumented. Amnesty also means being documented and given a chance for citizenship.

Yes, amnesty is throwing in the towel on all of those already illegally here. We probably should have thought about that before letting them all sneak in. And deporting them all is insanely impossible, so if we want to fix the problem, we'll have to accept the reality that we just can't deport all of them. We can kick out the ones that commit crimes of course, but the majority of illegal immigrants don't commit crimes (other than the illegally entering part).

Before we can even talk about granting some kind of amnesty for illegal immigrants, we have to solve the immigration problem, or they'll come right back in. It is twofold. First, our borders are too easily crossed. I'm not as concerned about Jose Mexican or Joey Canadaian crossing the border as I am a member of Al Qaeda or a drug cartel. It's already a known fact that such evil doers have sneaked across both the Mexican and Canadian borders to unfold their evil plots upon us. 

We spend a lot of money on the military, which is good, but nothing close to it to guard our very borders. In most of history, guarding the border was, like, the whole point of having a military. We use the U.S. Border Patrol, which I have respect for, but is more like a cross between a park ranger and a cop. There is only so much they can do. I say use the military.

See, that's what Mexico does. Their southern border is heavily guarded, and anyone caught sneaking across it is in for a bad day. But obviously, Mexicans are racist against Latinos, because that must be the motivating factor for anyone guarding a border with a Latin country, amiright? Not so much. It's called not wanting people sneaking into your country. Kind of like not wanting people to sneak into your house. You may welcome someone who knocks on your door to come into your house, but if they break in, it's a whole different thing. 

Which leads to the second problem with immigration. Our system is crap. It is another example of our government's incredible ability to create ridiculously inefficient bureaucratic systems. Immigrants sneak in because it is pointless to knock on our door. If they do, they'll be required to fill out a hundred forms and wait 5 years before being let into the house.

Many people coming here from Mexico or Central and South America don't have that long to wait. They're running away from where they are, in some cases just to stay alive. So if we don't have a simple way to get them into our country, documented, even temporarily...of course they are going to sneak in. I love how so many of my brethren on the right applaud Cubans running from Castro, but condemn others of Latin heritage for running from other corrupt or horrible governments.

Think about it...these are the kinds of people we want to immigrate here. They are running from bad governments, not, like the left, trying to institute bad government. The majority of these people are conservative, religious, and believe in a hard day's work, not welfare programs. Instead of trying to deport illegal immigrants, we should be trying to deport worthless occupiers.

Now THAT would be a great immigration program. 

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