Monday, June 11, 2012

In all Fairness

Fair Share in Action

Today, I wanted to talk about the Obama thing where he was like "Oh, the private sector are doing fine.", and then everyone laughed at him. A moronic statement like that usually comes from Biden, so I think the VP was messing with Obama's teleprompter. At any rate, blogs and commentary all over the interwebs have done that one to death, so no point in me taking it on.

Then another thing caught my eye, some English teacher giving a commencement speech at a high school in Massachusetts, or Michigan, or some other flyover state where he basically tells the little twerps that they aren't special. Good message, but the guy didn't really drive home the point and tell them that they aren't entitled to a darned thing either. He almost did, but not quite. He did mention the "pursuit of happiness", and pointed out the word pursuit, but didn't elaborate. Really, it was a lost opportunity, so I'll pass on blogging about it.With nothing else to blog about right now, I'll turn to taxes, because I haven't yet, and because we all love taxes, amiright?

Well, taxes are a big topic, so I just want to talk about one thing when it comes to the left and taxes. This silly idea about "giving your fair share". I snicker every time I hear that. At least I can snicker; I'm not rich, so I am not the one getting the old two in the shoe from the government every April. I'm not entirely sure at this point if a person on the left knows what the definition of "fair" is, especially with respect to taxes. I've looked in dictionaries and haven't found a definition for the word that includes "sticking it to a particular group because they have a lot of money." Admittedly, I wasn't using a Leftist-to-English dictionary, so it might have been in there.

The definition of "fair" is supposedly "free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice". According to anyway, who, as we all know, are owned by Fox News. I think. In Leftspeak, "fair" means, like, just taking rich people's stuff, because it is unfair that they have it and other people don't. The left accomplishes this daunting task by using a progressive tax. Which means, the more successful you are, the more progressively they tax you. Because being successful, as we all know, is unfair to the people that aren't as successful. Just because the unsuccessful didn't work hard enough, or pay attention in school, or spent money on iPods instead of, like, paying their bills, doesn't mean successful people get to have so much money and fancy cars. And if you disagree with that, then you are a Nazi.

Applying actual fairness to taxes would be using a set percentage rate, and not based on income. If you make $5,000, $50,000, or $500,000 a year, your tax rate would be the same percentage. Each taxpayer would pay a different amount, of course, but the rate would be the same, making it fair according to major English dictionaries. Now, I am not a fan of the income tax anyway, and that is a good topic for another discussion, but if we want to make a system fair, then a flat percentage applied to everyone is the way to go. 

The left still pushes this idea on us however, that it isn't fair to have a flat rate. They tell us that people below the poverty line shouldn't have to pay any taxes, and people in the top bracket should pay far more than anyone else. That irony is, the people on the top use less government than the people on the what is the justification for the people on the top to pay at such a higher rate? Simple: the left doesn't give a flying fig for fairness. It is all Leftspeak for the socialist idea of wealth redistribution.

See, in wealth redistribution, those on the top are reduced through taxation and those on the bottom are uplifted through government help, to make everyone flatten out into some kind of utopian middle class society. Or, at least that is how the left sees it. The reality is that redistributing wealth is the undoing of wealth creation. It is the change in the value of things that creates wealth, which is what capitalism is built on. Redistribution of wealth is the opposite effect, so the end result in such a system guessed it, everyone is equally poor.

Now THAT is fair.

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