Monday, August 7, 2017

BREAKING: It's Not Happening. And When it Does, You Won't Need Someone Telling You it is

I'm starting to see widespread "happening" fatigue around on MAGA-friendly corners of the Internet and social media. The constant barrage of "It's Happening!", followed by nothing really major happening as a result is taking its toll on people's psyche. They're getting frustrated and angry, and that can lead to bitterness and even waning support for the man we memed into office.

It's all by design of course. No, not all "it's happening!" announcements are planted by some nefarious entity bent on destroying our unwavering support of MAGA. In fact most are by good people who want what we all want: a better, stronger, greater America and justice for all of the crimes committed against the People for decades.

What the "nefarious entities" out there are actually doing is stirring the pot. They use sensationalist headlines and make grandiose pronouncements and predictions that get people excited that finally, finally we will see justice. And then nothing happens and folks feel let down. The problem there is that nobody actually let you down in the first place. At least not anyone who had the power to do something.

We're at war. The MAGA movement, or whatever history ends up calling us some day, is a coup. It is a coup against the combined forces of the powerful elite in this country. That is not a "conspiracy". It is just "how things are". And the people within that machine will do anything to keep it that way, because they have been getting rich beyond their wildest dreams doing so.

This machine is made up of the corporate-owned Media, the elected political class, the unelected government officials, and global corporations. The Media acts as a propaganda arm of the machine protecting it from public scrutiny, the unelected government officials protect the machine from legal scrutiny, the elected political class enacts the policies that enrich global corporations and directs the flow of tax dollars to the corporations, and the corporations provide the initial financial lubricant for the whole machine to work.

Trillions of dollars are at stake. There is no crime or action people who have such to gain or lose are not willing to commit to keep the machine running.

This is not some secret society of robed figures worshiping idols and planning the destruction of mankind. These are simply wicked people who want power and wealth and do not care who they hurt in the process. Their working together is just a natural extension of their own selfish desires.
So as I said, WE are a coup.

Our movement, currently represented by President Trump is an actual coup against a government that has been taken over by other interests. It has taken many decades for the current regime to take that power from the People. A coup cannot be done one arrest at a time. It has to be done all at once within a short period of time.

It must be done when it is not expected. If arrests are made, then many arrests will be made. And no arrests will be made until the cases against these people are tight.

You do not let the enemy know you are coming. You strike hard and fast before they know what hit them. So when it "happens", you all will know it. You won't be told about it beforehand. There will be no "smoking gun", no preceding event, no "WH Anon" prophecy, no major Wikileaks dump, nothing. You will simply wake up one day and find out a bunch of arrests took place overnight, with more to follow.

And it may be years before that happens. Or it could be tomorrow. And that is only if President Trump and his team are successful. It is a war, and it would be foolish to think the enemy doesn't understand that. They are and will be fighting against us every step of the way.

They will continue to use psychological warfare against those who support President Trump, while using propaganda and even legal chicanery against President Trump and his team. That's what the "Russiagate" thing is all about. That's what the constant attacks on cabinet members and staff are all about. That's what the court cases against Trump's executive orders is all about.

Trust me, when "it happens", if it happens, you won't need to come to your favorite website or Twitter to find out about it. It will be everywhere. And it will be the major defining battle in our war against those who stole our Republic.

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