Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Faster and Furious-er

Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting the 2nd Amendment.

So, yeah, another day is slowly passing by without the Supreme Court telling us how awful ObamaCare™ is. Which really stinks, because that is the only thing I want to write about right now, since I think it will be a lot of fun. I might start with a half a page of nothing but lololololololol...

Assuming the Supreme Court can read a 6 page document that is. Then again, it could be the 2,000 page document that is confusing.

So, since Fast and Furious is still the rage with the kids these days, I'll discuss it some more. Basically, the word going around the interwebs and stuff is that Fast and Furious was some kind of elaborate ploy to get a bunch of American guns into Mexican cartel hands, so that when those guns are used illegally to kill people and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, that it can be said that most of the guns being used by these criminals are coming from America. 

This isn't really a new theory, per se, but it has seemed to gain more traction of late. So much so, that some Democrats are now jumping onto the election year grandstanding contempt of executive privilege bandwagon. The claim is that Obama and many of his criminal leftist cronies sought a way to bring up the assault weapons ban again by telling everyone that, as it stood then (in 2009), most guns used in criminal activities in Mexico were from the U.S. When that was exposed as a complete and utter lie from the tongue of the Devil himself somewhat inaccurate, Obama et al decided to use the Fast and Furious gun tracking operation to insert lots of U.S. weapons into Mexico, thereby making what was originally inaccurate into something more truthy.

Kind of like wagging the dog, except in Obama's case, there were no kitchen appliances involved. There are several holes in this theory, however. First, attributing such goal-oriented and critical forward thinking to the Obama team is quite a leap. Nothing that the President and his team has done ever exhibited any ability to plan more than 2 hours ahead, which coincidentally is the minimum time allotted to schedule a tee time at the President's favorite golf course.

The second problem with this theory is that, to date, Joe Biden hasn't uttered a word about it. Everyone knows that Joe Biden considers everything that goes on in the White House to be a big friggin deal, and can't keep his mouth shut about it. In fact, if I were doing the intelligence leaks investigation, I would start with Biden. Who needs sodium pentothal? Just give Joe a couple beers, sit back, and take notes.

Now, I know that you must be thinking they kept Biden in the dark on this. And I'll admit that is a possibility. And you could further argue that maybe there was someone really good at planning things and stuff who was temporarily on the Obama team, so you could discount the first hole I pointed out. Ok, I'll give you that one.

But that leaves the third, and most glaring hole in this theory: everything Obama does fails. Utterly and absolutely. Anything that succeeds, sure, he tries to take credit for. But anything he is actually involved with as President has been a complete and total failure. So knowing this, how can we account for the fact that, as far as this theory goes, Fast and Furious was actually a success? Exactly, you can't.

Myth busted.

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