Friday, June 15, 2012

I Get it Now!

Captain Planet...He's our hero, Gonna take pollution and cars in ditches down to zero.

So I like totally get it now. Why the EPA wants to claim ditches are navigable water ways that is. It's so simple, I should have seen it right away. It is all just a part of President Obama's plans to get the car out of the ditch! You know, the car or truck or whatever that Bush planted into a ditch before leaving office? So the EPA is trying to claim that ditches are navigable waterways so that they can regulate them. The question is why?

Elementary my dear Watsons. Because this would give the EPA lawful authority to get this car out of the ditch. And now I am sure you are asking "Keln, how can they do this?". Again, Elementary there Watson. Through their secret weapon. Captain Planet!

 This is the ultimate chance for the EPA to flex their muscles and show what a real super hero can do. No longer will Aquaman take center stage, or Captain Canada make the evening news (in Canada). Captain Planet is here to save the day and get George Bush's car out of a ditch (or fine him accordingly). 

Gooooooooo Planeteers!

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