Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reader Submission: Health Care Cost Curve

Here's a graphic submitted by Arik describing just one of many ways that government health care programs drive up overall health care costs:


  1. P.S. Those figures are from a memo I got at work, from the blood bank supervisor. $17 for red cells is actually better than the deficit for a platelet pheresis (single donor platelet donation for transfusion). That costs us $559, and Medicare reimburses us $538, which is smaller in percentage, but more in actual dollars. If you multiply it out with the statistics I was given, providing transfusions to Medicare patients costs us about $40,000 dollars/year, minimum, and we are a small hospital. So, remember, when you see Medicare budget figures, remember that they are artificially decreased because Medicare doesn't cover costs. Those costs are then covered by YOU in the form of higher healthcare bills and premiums.

  2. P.P.S. That last comment was by me. Forgot to sign it.