Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a Slow News Day

 Yes, I made Stuxnet. Now get me a martini.

I remember way back during the weekend how everyone on the weekend news shows and stuff were talking about this being, like, the biggest week in politics since last week. All of this stuff was supposed to happen and change the face of the world forever. One pundit even called it a "political nuclear bomb", though he might have just been talking about this website. That sounds good, I'll have that.

So, well, hmm. It's Tuesday, and nothing interesting has happened yet. Well, there was the Arizona immigration law ruling from the Supreme Court yesterday. But that wasn't exactly a big political bombshell. It was more like watching batting practice instead of the actual game. And Fast and Furious is still dominating the headlines...but it hasn't really gotten any faster or furiouser.

And then there is more Republican political maneuvering and finger pointing and stuff with the supposed leaked intelligence or whatever. More grandstanding during an election year. As if secret information is such a big deal. Think about it, if you were a spy, wouldn't you want everyone to know it? Of course! That's how James Bond got all the cool cars and pretty supermodel girlfriends and things like that. Because he went around like "I'm a spy, I made Stuxnet. Get me a martini". Works for him, so leaking stuff like that can't be a big deal.

No, there is something else missing in the news. Something was supposed to happen this week but it didn't, so the news sites are just recycling stories about Syira shooting down Turk fighter jets, and Turkey threatening to write a very mean letter to them about it.

I guess what I am getting at here is that the Supreme Court has pretty much let everyone down by not releasing their ObamaCare™ ruling. They had until Monday morning at whatever time I got out of bed to issue it, and they didn't. And now the whole news world has ground to a halt. Way to go Supreme Court. What am I going to blog about now, huh?

Look, I understand this whole putting that uppity Obama on ice thing, but you've gone too far. Now we have to wait until Thursday to hear what they came up with. Which means there is still Wednesday to slog through with nothing interesting happening. And by interesting, I mean the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare™. That was what is supposed to be the big bombshell this week. Who waits until Thursday to drop a bombshell?

I bet those black-robed justices are sitting around drinking martinis and laughing at us.

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