Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Le Petite Jack-Wagons

So the latest headlines today out of the Big Pear, or Apricot, or whatever its called, which I know was just shocking, is that New York City's Bloomberg administration is looking into banning large tubs of popcorn and milkshakes at venues such as movie theaters. Not a week after laying the smack-down on soft drinks over 16 oz, Le Petit Maire Bloomberg is at it again. Because, of course, he knows whats best for all you little morons down there. If you were as smart as he is, then you wouldn't need all of these bans and regulations, but since you are all just such stupid people, barely able to breath, he must graciously descend from heaven every once in a while and give you a new commandment through which to fulfill your pathetic little lives. One would think the people of NYC would be happy about all of these wonderful dictates from heaven...but not so much it appears.

See, I am a big fan of state and local governments trying out silly laws on their people, because it is kind of easy to get such laws repealed compared to the federal level, and if a state or local government passes too many stupid laws, the people can leave, and still live in the greatest nation on Earth. When the federal government does it, well, we're all kind of stuck and have to hope congress can focus long enough to eventually repeal such blatant infringements on our rights.

But, it is obvious that Bloomberg & Co. are going way overboard here, and NYC is a bit too large to be trying out social engineering experiments en masse. I mean, what's next? Will they ban all fast food chains from selling fast food? Make it a law that all supermarkets sell only organic, free-range apples? Limit people to eating only 2 government-issued rations per day? That may sound crazy, but a month ago, so did banning certain sizes of soft drinks and popcorn. Where's this bloke get off, eh?

I don't live in New York City, nor anywhere close. And I couldn't care less, personally, what sort of shenanigans Le Petit Maire is up to this week or the next.  But, this does have national implications. Most importantly, it proves one of the main arguments against nanny-state governments, that if government is allowed to make a law like banning something that most people don't like, it can use it as precedence and ban anything else it wants to. People do argue against this (bozos on the left, of course). They like to say that government would never take things too far. But like government is with spending other people's money, it just can't help itself when it comes to regulating our lives.

I have high hopes that Le Petit Maire's antics will backfire on him, and secure in the national mind, at least for a while, why such broad regulations that seek to control people's habits are bad. And hopefully that will prevent the Federal government, again, at least for a while, from trying the same kinds of things at the federal level. You have to know that Michelle Obama is just salivating at the chance to throw down some laws like that herself (with her husband's help, of course). If she even gets a whiff that such policies work in New York, she'll eat it up (much like she does when she catches a whiff of a chili dog...or an entire buffet), and push the President to make it his next big "reform" agenda.

What the left, and other aspiring social engineers, just don't quite get is that it is none of their business as to how people live their lives. It isn't the government's job to tell us how to eat, or pass laws to force behavioral change. Who do these self-important, contemptible jack-wagons think they are? I highly doubt this nation's founders fought against a tyrannical government, that tried to force the people in America to buy certain goods from certain merchants or ban or tax goods altogether, did it all so that one day, a new government could just do the same thing, even if for different reasons. Again, the left only cares about the ends, and not the means. It doesn't matter that such social engineering destroys freedoms, only that the end effect is what they consider good.

Again...who the heck do these people think they are?

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