Monday, June 25, 2012

Obama's Failure is Complete

Your failure is complete.

For a while now, we've all heard from people that try to give the horrible failure of a president, absolute clown of a leader, and incredibly incompetent head of the executive branch, Community Organizer Obama the benefit of the doubt by saying "well he was good at diplomacy and warmongering and stuff". Now, as our helmeted friend above has declared: his failure is complete.

Exhibit A: The Middle East. Or more specifically, Egypt. At the rally, or inauguration, or whatever, of the new Egyptian President, who is apparently a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a brotherhood Imam announced that the new capital will not be Cairo, or even Mecca, but Jerusalem (Al-Quds). And then he started, like, singing. And some occupiers were apparently in the crowd, because there was a drum circle going down. 

You may be wondering, what was he singing? Well, he was singing about millions of martyrs marching on Jerusalem, and something about not letting Jews sleep, and that everyone that believes in martyrdom are Hamas. The scary part is that the whole crowd was repeating everything the guy said. (Rabbi Live linked a video on YouTube showing it here btw).
Mubarak, the guy that was displaced in Egypt, was a bad dude, no question. But he had no problem working with Israel and the United States. I don't know if Obama knew that or not, but either way, he completely dropped the ball last year when the Arab Spring hit Egypt. Many experts warned that the Muslim Brotherhood would move in to fill the gap when Mubarak fell. Now that has happened. And we are still waiting for whatever will happen in Libya, where Obama ceded control of joint western interdiction to European allies, instead of leading it, and hopefully having some influence on it's ultimate outcome.

Not to mention Iran, which is still a wildcard in the Middle East and could be far closer to a nuclear bomb than anyone could guess, if they don't have one already. What I am trying to say here is that, Obama's foreign policy was nothing more than Bush on cruise control and a bunch of drone strikes. And since the world is always in a state of flux, you can't just go on cruise control. Nor can drone strikes solve real diplomatic problems.

I don't think Obama actually cared much about foreign affairs...he was too busy golfing and trying to change his own country into something he liked, to care about other people in other places (like Mexico for instance). Obama isn't strong on foreign policy. In fact, he has been a complete and utter failure on it, much like everything else he has done.

Now, according to the collective groan coming out of Israel lastnight, his failure is complete.

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