Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reader Submission: That Poor Dog

Here's a submission from one of our readers, Charon: 

Bet you thought this was about Obama eating a dog . You're wrong, but that's still pretty funny too. No, this is a post about that stupid, stupid dog the Liberals have. Commerce Clause. It's probably a Jack Russel or something as bewilderingly stupid. Commerce Clause had been smacked on the nose a few years ago, and sent chasing after justification for everything the pinkos want. Today, it reached the end of it's chain, well... Justice Roberts stepped on it's chain, and the once rampant Commerce Clause got clotheslined, like the dog that big rooster used to torment. Whatever happened to him? He seemed like a nice conservative gent...

As it turns out, those commie bums had a plan B; a show dog with one of those long names that no one actually uses. "This isn't a tax, we told you so before we got him, except that it is a tax, and you can actually be taxed for not paying money to a private company". They call him Bubbles for short, though. Bubbles however, has a few failings as a show dog. First, he's still a tax, and a poodle, and no one likes either of those things. So it'll be really hard to get anyone to actually vote for Bubbles in the future. Second, a filibuster can't be used to stop Bubbles from being put down, because he was a tax all along. All the rules and regulations for owning a show quality Comrade Poodle are very, very expensive, more than Bubbles' owner could possibly afford. Almost everyone knows this already, and most people hate the dog on sight. It's one of those things you get to show off to snooty European types and be invited to their dog shows and political parties and whining festivals.

I don't think poodles survive very long after November, they're really easy to kill. Justice Roberts winked at us when he let the poodle pass him. Like he was saying, "I got this one, but you have to handle the poodle yourselves." The U.S.A., the Justice and I know, can stop a poodle. Then feed it to it's owner.

Eat it, Barack. You own the largest tax increase poodle in history, along with Reid and Pelosi. Right before an election, too.

Short version, whipping out the "tax on inactivity" argument to back up the Commerce Clause overextended your reach at the worst possible time. Those of us who still want to live in America, still have to act for ourselves once in a while, and not count on the court to save us. November's just ahead.


  1. I have a Jack Russel, and she is far more intelligent than any leftist pinko commie bum.

    Commerce Clause is more likely a Chihuahua.

  2. I had one, her cranial cavity was occupied solely by packing peanuts and drool. Loving dog, very loyal, very dumb.